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Participants in the IIMB Executive Education Program (EEP) strive to lead integrated lives beyond academics and business. Their engagement in extra-curricular events such as cricket and badminton tournaments on campus highlights their commitment to a balanced lifestyle. However, it is the co-curricular activities, which complement academic learning, that play a crucial role in shaping these executives into well-rounded business professionals.

Several co-curricular events organized by IIMB EEP participants include expert sessions on various topics related to leadership and management.

On May 17, 2024, the EGMP-66 cohort organized an interactive leadership workshop titled “Reach for the Summit.” This workshop was delivered by Mr. Ian Schubach, CEO of Red Leaf, who used an active role-play technique with simulated decision-making scenarios to experientially convey the nuances of leadership.

Following this, an expert session on “MedTech and HealthTech as the Next Fintech” was conducted by Mr. Sarvesh Singh, MD of Marichi Ventures. This session provided deep insights into the technological advancements in healthcare, likening its potential disruptive growth to the FinTech boom in India.

Additionally, peer learning is highly encouraged in IIMB, leading to the formation of various business and entrepreneurship clubs. The IIMB EEP Entrepreneur Club was convened by the participants of current EEP programmes to share knowledge and perspectives in the filed of entrepreneurship. This month it featured Mr. Divakar Prayaga and Mr. Madhusudhan as the speakers. They shared their perspectives on the opportunities and scope of entrepreneurship. These knowledge-sharing sessions attracted participants from various EEP programs, fostering a conducive learning environment where individuals can stay informed about trends & insights within the entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem.

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IIMB Executive education provides participants with a platform to evolve into a holistic personality to lead businesses more effectively. Explore all the EEP programmes of IIMB and register soon in the upcoming ones.

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