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In the pursuit of innovation, there has been a lot of talk on systems thinking, critical thinking, design thinking, lateral thinking, divergent thinking and much more. With such information overload, numerous myths and misunderstandings surround the concepts. For instance, Design thinking is sometimes misunderstood as a ‘thinking framework’ only for designers & architects or confined to aesthetic concerns. Eventhough it originated and was popularized by D-schools, it is extensively relevant in various fields, including corporate leadership and product development.

Misconceptions about Design Thinking

Design thinking is more than just a way to make visually appealing elements. It goes well beyond the fields of motion graphics and user interface design. It’s also not a rigorous procedure limited to enhancing artistic elements of architecture. Design thinking is a comprehensive strategy that emphasises empathy, iterative learning, and collaborative problem-solving in a variety of business contexts.

Design Thinking for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Design thinking enables business executives and entrepreneurs to question assumptions and embrace a broader, more inventive viewpoint. It encourages leaders to think beyond the box, interact extensively with stakeholders, and creatively use their networks. By incorporating design thinking into their leadership style, they may foster an innovative culture, adapt to changing market conditions, and motivate their colleagues to think creatively.

One of IIMB’s Executive Education programmes on ‘Design Thinking for Leaders’ is aimed to enable leaders to unlock the potential of Design Thinking and foster a ‘culture of innovation’ in their organisations.

Prof. Ramya Ranganathan, the programme director for the above short-duration programme sheds some light on the need for design thinking for business leaders. Access the LinkedIn post via this link.

For more details on the executive programme visit the below link:

Testimonials from the past participants of the short-duration programme

Synergy for Mid-Senior Level Managers

Design thinking is highly beneficial for mid to senior-level managers, particularly those involved in product design and development, to create team cohesion and collaborative creativity. Nowadays, many tech companies have adopted practices such as DevOps, Scrum, Agile and much more. Today’s managers need the tools to thoroughly grasp user demands, appropriately identify challenges, and importantly collaborate with their teams to produce successful solutions. Leveraging the Design Thinking method in such circumstances not only improves to innovate the problem-solving process but also assures that the product created meets the market demand and consumer expectations.

There is another short-duration programme offered by EEP on ‘Design Thinking’, which is aimed at Mid-Senior level managers in the Product Design & Development Ecosystem.

For more information on the above programme click on this link.

By breaking down old barriers and embracing design thinking, executives may transform their approach to leadership & team management.

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