International Yoga Day: Enhancing Holistic Health and Mindful Leadership

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On June 21st, the global community unites to celebrate International Yoga Day, a day dedicated to the transformative practice of yoga. This celebration not only highlights the physical benefits of yoga but also its profound impact on mental clarity and emotional stability.

Most Yoga practitioners are well aware that ‘Yoga’ is not just a physical exercise of holding a posture and controlling the breath. It is a well-integrated methodology for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution. At IIM Bangalore, we embrace this occasion of International Yoga Day to emphasize the importance of holistic health from the perspective of a working executive.

International Yoga Day at IIMB

Intent of IIMB EEP:

At IIMB Executive Education, our seek to produce leaders and managers who are capable to make swift, impactful decisions while maintaining emotional equilibrium.

EEP’s International Programmes offer a complete Indian Immersion experience for the foreign participants by starting their day with Yoga & meditation sessions early in the morning, post which they attend their sessions on Leadership and Management with full energy and vigour.

Mindfulness, a core component of Meditation and Yoga, offers a path to navigate these challenges effectively. It enhances self-awareness, reduces stress, and promotes a compassionate approach to leadership.

Mindfulness for Effective Leadership:

The ‘Mindfulness for Effective Leadership’ Executive programme at IIMB is designed to instill the holistic qualities of self-reflection, mainiating mental equipoise and non-violent communication practices in executives, enabling them to lead with clarity, empathy, and resilience.

Watch the below programme overview given by the Programme directors Mr. Nitesh Batra (Founder of The Mindful Initiative) and Prof. Dinesh Kumar, who is also a Zen practicioner.

It is an opportune moment to recognize how the timeless principles of yoga, meditation and mindfulness can enhance modern leadership. The ‘Mindfulness for Effective Leadership’ programme at IIMB offers a comprehensive pathway to integrate these principles into everyday leadership practices. By embracing mindfulness, leaders can navigate the complexities of the modern world with clarity, empathy, and resilience. Join us in this transformative journey and lead with a mindful approach, fostering a more compassionate and effective organizational culture.

For more details on the 3-day short-duration programme click on the below link:

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