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In today’s hyper-connected business world, executives face a constant challenge of how to transform vast amounts of information into actionable insights for business growth. This is the point where Data Analysis (DA) & Business Intelligence (BI) becomes essential. DA & BI empowers executives with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate complexity, drive informed decision-making, and stay ahead in the digital age.

Corporates/government entities have started maximizing the use of Business Intelligence & Data analytics and are very useful while reporting and planning the roadmap as indicated in this image
Corporates and government entities have started maximizing the use of Business Intelligence & Data analytics for data driven decision making

Business intelligence aims to understand the business processes to map out process improvement opportunities, bridge the gap between business goals & technological solutions and make use of well-analysed data for actionable insights. For working executives in whichever domain of work, a functional knowledge of data analytics and business intelligence translates into benefits like:

  • Gaining a competitive advantage in the market, by analysing market trends and making data-driven decisions.
  • Improve operational efficiency with meticulous resource allocation, reduce wastage and streamline processes. (As a testament to the above fact, the Copenhagen airport has implemented an airport-wide AI-powered data analytics & intelligence project to improve its operational efficiency by streamlining passenger check-in processes with automated verification & linking of flight information, improving security functions and optimising air-traffic systems)
  • Enhanced customer experience by optimizing products/service offerings based on customer preference data.
  • Gain insights with BI tools on descriptive & diagnostic business data which indicates ‘what happened’ and ‘why it possibly happened’, which aids in root cause analysis of problems.

IIMB’s Executive Education (EEP) has opened the registrations for its 15th batch of ‘Business Analytics & Intelligence’. This 1-year hybrid programme endows participants with in-depth knowledge of analytics, AI/ML tools and insightful case studies on Indian & foreign MNCs that can be applied for data-driven decision-making and business problem-solving. The course is directed by Prof. Dinesh Kumar and Prof. Rajluxmi Murthy from the Department of Decision Sciences of IIMB.

IIMB's long duration course on Business Intelligence and Analytics, starts on 15th July 2024
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