Executive Education Programmes at IIM Bangalore

 Executive Education Programs are designed to cater to the specific needs of working professionals, providing them with the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge without taking a break from their careers. Since 1980, the Executive Education Programmes (EEP) Department has been catering to the needs of the corporate, non-profits, and government sectors.  EEP offers many certification programs every year that are designed to enhance leadership skills, managerial capabilities, and strategic thinking.

IIMB MDC EntranceFollowing the turn of the millennium, the impact of executive education was profoundly felt as executives were increasingly feeling the need for continuous upskilling in a highly disruptive and competitive world. EEP continues to prepare high-potential working executives for leadership roles in a rapidly changing dynamic business environment.

EEP at IIM Bangalore offers Open and Custom programs. Short Duration programmes are usually 3-15 days and Long Duration programmes are more than 15 days. The program days can be contiguous or spread across a few weeks or months. IIMB conducts more than 170 EEP programmes (including over 100 custom programmes) every year that are attended by over 6000 participants across different levels and sectors. EEP@IIMB has been ranked consistently amongst the top 50 in the world by reputed global rating agencies. 

The Executive Education Programmes at IIM Bangalore are unique in several aspects:

Reputation and Faculty Expertise: IIM Bangalore is one of the premier business schools in India, known for its academic excellence and renowned faculty members. The programs benefit from the expertise of experienced professors and industry practitioners who bring real-world insights to the classroom. Participants are exposed to the latest thinking and research in specific areas of interest.

Customization: Many executive education programs at IIM Bangalore are customizable to meet the unique requirements of individuals or organizations. This flexibility allows participants to focus on specific areas of interest or address challenges relevant to their industries. Some of our custom programs cater to ecosystems rather than specific corporates or institutions. We also provide customized programmes for participants from international schools.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The curriculum of executive education programs is often designed to be highly relevant to current business challenges and industry trends. This ensures that participants gain practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied in their professional roles.

Networking Opportunities: Participants in executive education programs include experienced professionals from various industries and sectors. This provides an excellent opportunity for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among participants. The EEP alumni status that is granted to some of the Long Duration Programmes is much sought-after as it provides an opportunity to participate and network with the larger alumni community.

Pedagogical Approach: IIM Bangalore employs innovative and interactive teaching methods, combining traditional lectures with case studies, simulations, and group discussions. The goal is to create a dynamic learning environment that encourages active participation and critical thinking.

Global Perspective: Some of the executive education programs have international immersions, bringing in global perspectives and best practices. This can be especially valuable for participants seeking to expand their understanding of business on a global scale.

IIMB Campus: The 100-acres campus at IIMB boasts of the best greenery and infrastructure amongst B-Schools globally and the IIMB architecture has been designed by the renowned Pritzker Laureate Dr. Balkrishna Doshi. In 2021, the campus of IIM Bangalore won the 17th spot among ‘The 25 Most Significant Works of Post-War Architecture’, according to The New York Times Style Magazine. The results were compiled by three architects, three journalists and two designers who made a list of “the most influential and lasting buildings that have been erected — or cleverly updated — since World War II”. The campus has a calming and yet energizing effect on participants and leaves a lasting memory of the learnings and experiences.

IIMB new MDCNew IIMB Campus: IIMB has a new MDC in the upcoming 110-acre campus that is located 22 Kms away from the existing campus.  The new MDC is a 80+ rooms facility with classrooms, dining area, discussion rooms, and a gym. It is a serene, quiet, and beautiful place that lends itself to deep conversations and reflections. The campus is at an elevated location that overlooks the Bannerghatta National reserve and a stream that flows near the boundary of the campus. It provides enchanting views during dawn and dusk every day.

To get the most accurate and updated information on various EEP programmes, we have provided extensive search filters on this website that maps into the requirements of participants.