Frequently Asked Questions

What is Executive Education Programme and who can attend it?

IIMB’s Executive Education Programmes (EEP) are designed for upskilling working professionals in the discipline of Leadership and Management. The programmes are designed in such a way that participants can attend the sessions and still fulfil their deliverables in their respective organisations.

As your browse through the Programme finder/ Programme search options on our EEP website, the landing page of each individual programme will contain details of the programme and the eligibility criteria. The applications received will be vetted by the programme directors based on the relevant experience, cohort diversity, and educational background of the applicant.


The EEP department offers Open Short Duration Programmes (SDPs), Open Long Duration Programmes (LDPs) and Custom Programmes. Our open programmes cover the managerial and leadership needs of professionals across different sectors like Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Aerospace, Data Science, Human Resources, Marketing, Public Policy, and Entrepreneurship. You can search for programmes using various filters such as international immersions, EEP alumni status granting programmes, level, quarter-wise, topic, long or short duration, keyword search, etc.

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EEP also offers custom programmes which are tailor-made for executives from a single organisation or a consortium, based on the requirements articulated by the stakeholders. Custom programmes open the opportunity for its participants to discuss their company-specific challenges in an open and transparent environment that enables deeper learning and appreciation of the organisation’s context, scope, and challenges. Custom programmes are designed based on the specific diagnostics conducted by IIMB faculty to do a deep dive into client requirements and has the flexibility to build in interventions such as assessments, action learning projects, executive coaching, etc. 

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How to apply for an Open Programme?

To apply for an Executive Education Programme, please navigate within the EEP website to the landing page of your desired programme and click on ‘Apply now’. Post filling in the basic details in the lead form, you will be able to download the detailed programme brochure and later get a call from our Sales SPOC (singular point of contact) who will guide you further with the admission procedure.

How are these programmes delivered (mode of delivery)?

All Executive Education Programmes are delivered either in person (at the Campus) or in a Hybrid/Live-Online mode. But, in case of unavoidable circumstances which is beyond the control of IIMB, the programme delivery mode could be changed to Live-Online (e.g. COVID)

Are all participants expected to stay in the IIMB campus throughout the duration of the programme?

Most of the programmes are non-residential but some of the programmes could be compulsorily residential. Please check the specific programme brochure for details.  For those who are travelling from out of station and are desirous of staying at the IIMB campus, MDC (Management Development Centre) rooms can be booked subject to availability. In such circumstances, the participants will have to pay for the for the accommodation separately. After getting an offer of admission to a programme, the participant will have to have to make a request and block the MDC room through the programme administrator.  Stay at the campus is not available for Bengaluru based participants for non-residential programmes.

Can participants check-in at the MDC a day prior to the day their programme starts?

Outstation participants can check-in at the MDC (Management Development Centre) from 5:00 PM onwards on the day prior to the start of a programme.

Can participants extend their stay at the MDC post the completion of their programme?

Post the completion of programme, residential participants can extend their stay at MDC till the next day morning up to 8:00 AM. If any participant wants to extend their stay by one more day, it can be arranged at additional cost, subject to availability of rooms. Kindly reach out with programme administrators in case of extending your stay at the MDC.

What are the facilities available at the MDC?

The MDC provides round-the clock comfort and can be availed for stay only by participants of programmes. MDC accommodation cannot be extended to friends and families of the participants.

What is the dress code for attending the programme?

Participants are encouraged to dress up in business formals for the inauguration and valediction of the programme. For rest of the days, the dress code shall be corporate casuals.

What is the pedagogy followed while delivering the programme?

The pedagogy will include classroom lectures, industry case studies, group activities, presentations, role plays, and industry field visits based on the design of the programme.  Some of the programmes have a full-day outdoor management component that is usually an ice-breaker combined with experiential learnings related to multiple competencies. Some customized programmes can also have international immersion opportunities.

What is the usual strength of a cohort in an Executive Education Programme?

The usual strength of an EEP cohort can vary from 15-75 participants based on the duration, topic, delivery mode, and other dimensions.

What are the steps in the fee payment process? What about the refund process if applicable?

Post confirmation of the admission to a programme, the sales SPOC will guide you regarding the payment process. For most of the SDP programmes, the participant can make the payment after filling in the application. However, if the participant profile does not match the eligibility criteria of the programme or a programme gets rescheduled or cancelled, the payment made shall be refunded.