Executive Education Programme (EEP) Alumni from IIM Bangalore have done very well in their professional lives. We continue to extend support and benefits to our alumni through the Alumni office, IIMB Alumni Association, and the EEP office.

Glimpses of Life on Campus

Executive Education Programme Alumni

EEP Alumni status is granted to participants who successfully complete certification programmes that are eligible for alumni status. 

IIMB has one of the most vibrant B-School alumni communities in India. We have over 25,000+ alumni from the degree-granting and executive education certification programmes with 7 alumni chapters in India and 7 outside India. The IIMB alumni association is a body of duly elected alumni community members that organizes events across chapters in India and abroad. Reunions, webinars, networking events, mentoring, business conclaves, alumni recognition, family events, special interest groups, etc., are some of the regular events and initiatives organized by alums.

Enjoy EEP Alumni Benefits & Privileges

Group Health Insurance Policy IIMB Alumni Association

Group Health Insurance Policy

An exclusive and unique top-up group health insurance policy was rolled out in 2023 to IIMB alumni and their families (including parents and parents-in-law) which was a great success. The next window to enrol would open in 2024.

IIMB Alumni Club at Taj West End Bengaluru

IIMB Alumni Club @Taj West End

An exclusive IIMB Alumni Club opened at the Taj West End (5-Star property), Bengaluru in May 2023. This is an exclusive 20,000 sq. ft. space designed and built by IIMB Alumni. Only B-School in India to have an Alumni Club. 

IIMB Alumni Meets

Alumni Events

The alumni office, IIMB alumni association, and the EEP office organize regular events for alumni across the world. Alumni can attend any of these events. IIMBue, a flagship business conclave event has been attracting thousands of alums and celebrities every year.

Non- Alumni Participants

  Attend events, webinars, conferences, etc., organized by the EEP office
  Contribute articles for publishing in the blog section of the EEP website 
  Receive updates from the EEP office on upcoming programmes
  Offer webinars facilitated by the EEP office subject to a curation process

EEP Alumni

  Attend, volunteer, and participate in all alumni events such as IIMBue, annual alumni meets, chapter events, IIMB run, webinars, etc.
  Eligible to apply for membership to the IIMB Alumni Club. Memberships would be subject to availability and as notified by the IIMB Alumni Club committee.
  Eligible to apply for the exclusive Group Health Insurance Policy. Policy subscription dates would be notified by IIMB Alumni Association on an annual basis.
  Become a part of 20+ alumni Special-Interest-Groups such as trekking, golfing, running, entrepreneurship, social impact, semicon, healthcare, theatre, parenting, puzzles, etc.
  Become a part of the alumni chapter group based in your city
  Own an alumni card that will provide you access to the IIMB Campus
  Receive the monthly eNewsletter from the Alumni Office
  Get an IIMB alumni emailid
  Download and access the IIMBAA mobile app and website

IIMB Alumni Club @Taj West End, Bengaluru

IIM Bangalore Alumni Club at Taj West End, Bangalore
IIM Bangalore Alumni Club at Taj West End, Bangalore
IIM Bangalore Alumni Club at Taj West End, Bangalore
IIM Bangalore Alumni Club at Taj West End, Bangalore
IIM Bangalore Alumni Club at Taj West End, Bangalore
IIM Bangalore Alumni Club at Taj West End, Bangalore