Certificate Programme in Digital Operations and Supply Chain Management – Batch 3

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Certificate Programme in Digital Operations & Supply Chain Management

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The Certificate Programme in Digital Operations & Supply Chain Management helps participants make decisions regarding various demand and supply related issues in Digital Supply Chains and imparts key skills in New Business Models in the Digital World while leveraging data for Digital Transformation and be introduced to various digital technologies along with their application. The programme would also cover Operational issues in Digital Supply Chain and Business Analytics.

Programme Overview

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is unfolding the age of digitalization by eliminating traditional industrial practices in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Large-scale Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and Internet of Things (IoT) are integrated for automation escalation, seamless communication, and production to pinpoint issues without the need for human intervention. The programme will bring together participants from diverse backgrounds, skills, and experience, thereby enabling peer learning. The participants will involve themselves actively in case studies, and simulation games. They benefit immensely through continuous learning and networking with peers from different backgrounds, during and after the programme.

Key Benefits

  • Identifying issues that may create value in supply chains through digitization and data analytics.
  • Understanding of the applications of business analytics for enhancing productivity and achieving cost- efficiency.
  • Understanding the applications of data analytics techniques in demand and supply management.
  • Leveraging data for Digital Transformation.
  • Understanding the implications of various Digital Technologies on the operational aspects in Supply Chains.

Programme Directors

Prof. Tarun Jain is an Associate Professor in the Production and Operations Management Area at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. His research interests include strategic sourcing, operational issues in cloud computing, management of digital technologies, smart city operations, urban mobility, and pricing issues in service supply chains.

(Email: tarun.jain@iimb.ac.in)


Prof. Shubhabrata Das is a Professor in Decision Sciences at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He has held visiting faculty positions at various institutes/ universities of international repute, including ESSEC Business School, Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta, University of Nebraska, and University of Montana.

(Email: shubho@iimb.ac.in)

Target Audience

  • Mid-career professionals with minimum of 3 years’ experience
  • Practitioners and aspirants in Digital Manufacturing, Project Management, Revenue Management, Managing Digital Platforms, E-commerce Category Management, Retailing, Services, and Logistics Sectors.

Programme Schedule

Foundations of Operations Management and Data Science   
Date 01-Dec-23 02-Dec-23 08-Dec-23 09-Dec-23 15-Dec-23 16-Dec-23 23-Dec-23 06-Jan-24  
Day Fri Sat Fri Sat Fri Sat Sat Sat  
Foundations of Supply Chain Management and Advanced Business Analytics Business Analytics Exam
Date 19-Jan-24 20-Jan-24 27-Jan-24 02-Feb-24 03-Feb-24 09-Feb-24 10-Feb-24 16-Feb-24 18-Feb-24
Day Fri Sat Sat Fri Sat Fri Sat Fri Sun
Pricing and Demand Analytics OM and SCM Exam
Date 23-Feb-24 24-Feb-24 01-Mar-24 02-Mar-24 08-Mar-24 09-Mar-24 15-Mar-24 16-Mar-24 24-Mar-24
Day Fri Sat Fri Sat Fri Sat Fri Sat Sun
Introduction to AI, ML and Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Demand Analytics Exam
Date 29-Mar-24 30-Mar-24 05-Apr-24 06-Apr-24 19-Apr-24 20-Apr-24 26-Apr-24 27-Apr-24 05-May-24
Day Fri Sat Fri Sat Fri Sat Fri Sat Sun
New Business Models in the Digital World Project Presentation Valedictory  
Date 17-May-24 18-May-24 24-May-24 25-May-24 31-May-24 01-Jun-24 14-Jun-24 15-Jun-24  
Day Fri Sat Fri Sat Fri Sat Fri Sat  

Programme Charges & Payment Schedule

Details Amount Due Date
Confirmation Fee INR 51,000 + GST On Confirmation
Ist Instalment Fee INR 1,00,000 + GST On or Before 15th Nov 2023
IInd Instalment Fee INR 1,00,000 + GST On or Before 15th Feb 2024
IIIrd Instalment Fee INR 1,00,000 + GST On or Before 15th Mar 2024

How To Apply for the Programme

Certificate Sample

Note: Certificate image is for reference to potential participants only and may change at the discretion of Executive Education Programmes Office

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Participants' Feedback

Feedback on Programme97%
Administrative Feedback97%
Feedback on Faculty100%

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Contact Us

Ms. Aditi Chaturvedi
Landline No.: +91-80-26993380
Mobile No. +91-89512 81611
Email: aditi.chaturvedi@iimb.ac.in

Award of Certificate

A part time programme certificate of completion will be awarded by IIMB to participants at the end of the programme upon successful completion of the programme and satisfying programme requirements.

IIMB EEP Alumni Membership

The participants become IIMB EEP alumni on successful completion of the programme and thereby gain access to the alumni network across various industry sectors.


  • As a technology practitioner myself, I was overwhelmed with the course. I learnt strategies and concepts along with the importance of adopting technology, which drives SCM and Operations, at right time. The entire learning experience became exciting with 50% of the modules framed as Gamification. I strongly recommend this course for any SCM and Operation professional in their early stages of digital adoption.

    Prem Anand
    Senior Manager, Market Solutions - Denso International India Pvt Ltd
  • I came to know about this programme from IIMB while I was planning to upskill. My learning journey has been very enriching. While I aced all my exams, I was truly humbled with professional experience of my peers. It was an incredible experience as we learned from each other during classroom, assignments, and project submission. I have experimented with some of the tools learned during the programme and have automated my Weekly Business Reports as well as Daily Building Health reports. It has helped me to analyse data much efficiently as well as have reduced time spent by my team to collect data (which was earlier done manually). Further, based on stocking cost, we are in process of moving all my engineering stores inventory to automated tools with defined ‘Reorder points’ taking into account variability. As I reflect on my 6 months learning programme, I’m glad that I enrolled for the programme and met esteemed IIMB faculty who have sharpened my thought process, my analytical skills, and my reasoning.

    Shalabh Vijay
    Sector Head , Projects - Amazon Seller Services Pvt Ltd
  • As I enrolled for this programme, I had high expectations which have been met and have actually surpassed in every aspect. From the comprehensive curriculum to the outstanding faculty and invaluable networking opportunities, this program has truly been a game-changer for me. The program’s curriculum was meticulously designed to provide a holistic understanding of digital operations and supply chain management. The coursework covered a wide range of topics, including digital transformation, logistics, procurement, inventory management and demand forecasting, among others. The blend of theoretical concepts, case studies and practical applications ensured that we developed a deep understanding of the subject matter and acquired the necessary skills to excel in the field. What truly sets this program apart is the calibre of the faculty members at IIMB. Their ability to connect theory with real-world examples and challenges was truly commendable. They not only imparted knowledge but also encouraged critical thinking and fostered a collaborative learning environment. Another aspect that made the program exceptional was the opportunity to interact and network with professionals from diverse backgrounds. The resources and learning materials provided were up-to-date and easily accessible, which greatly enhanced the learning journey. The programme has equipped me with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of the industry. The insights gained from this program have already proven invaluable in my professional endeavours, enabling me to make data driven decisions, optimize processes ,and drive efficiencies within my organization.

    Harshit Srivastava
    Business Analyst - Koch Industries (Koch Global Services India)
  • Having been into Industry from 27+ years and leading Supply Chain function from 13+ years, the changing global business environment with focus on sustainability and adoption of digital technologies are throwing continuous challenges. In order to keep our Supply Chain competitive, it needed to be modern and agile, and as a leader of this process one need to be well versed with changes happening in the surroundings, for that purpose I was looking for a suitable course, and that is when I came across this certification. The course is very focussed in its approach and covers most of the things needed and I must say it exceeded all my expectations. The course content was comprehensive and futuristic, covering a wide range of cutting-edge technologies like AI / ML / IOT / Edge AI concepts and its application in SCM, Business Analytics with use of Advance Excel Analytics, Supply and Demand Concepts and it’s applications, Pricing and Revenue Management, Strategy and other useful concepts. Faculty is highly knowledgeable and experienced, providing engaging lectures and practical hands-on exercises with case studies and Simulation games. IIMB Supply Chain Management Center was very helpful in providing Engaging Projects from Industry, I was fortunate to get a Sustainability Project with Schneider Electric which was successfully completed under the guidance from faculty. Moreover, the course offered a perfect balance between theoretical concepts and real-world applications, enabling me to gain valuable skills applicable to today’s tech-driven world I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to master the Supply chain skills and wanted to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of modern technologies.

    Vikas Tyagi
    Director, Supply Chain Operations - SMPL

Top-notch faculty, contemporary content, a great learning environment, and application orientation make the IIMB Exec Ed programmes world-class.