General Management Programme for IT Executives (GMITE) Batch 19

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Start Date :  Feb 2025

End Date :  Oct 2025


Rs. 7,25,000/-(excluding GST)

IIMB Campus


Certificate Programme in Digital Operations & Supply Chain Management

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GMITE is a part-time certificate programme that has been designed for Software and IT professionals, who are looking for transition from technical / functional roles to general management roles. GMITE is also relevant for fast-track managers, who have recently taken charge of a general management role, in terms of equipping them with the ability to cope with responsibilities and issues at that level through formal management education. Participants of GMITE get an opportunity to develop core business skills and competencies and handle issues involving crossfunctional areas. The Specialty of GMITE is bringing together participants of various backgrounds, skills and experiences; and develop crossfunctional skills through an intensive curriculum taught by the IIMB faculty.

Programme Objectives

  • Develop competencies and skills essential for senior management roles.
  • Impart contextual and functional knowledge of contemporary high quality management education.
  • Provide guidance to think through advanced business strategies in diverse competitive scenarios

Programme Framework & Content

  • Managing the Business Context – This module presents a top management perspective on competitive scenarios. Organizational competencies and interorganizational structures help develop strategies that are appropriate for different environments
  • Understanding the Environment – Growth and performance of knowledge industry are highly influenced by the global and domestic environment. Competitive pressure from several countries increases uncertainty in the business and reduces margin. An understanding of the fast changing environment and its impact on business is crucial for success.
  • Managing Customer Relationships – Customers play a vital role in the knowledge industry, particularly when firms deal with one or very few customers. Performing the role of knowledge partner calls for understanding the customer needs and developing internal processes.
  • Managing Competencies – Continuous enhancement of individual and organisational competencies enhances business performance.
  • Managing Finance – Creating value at all levels is the responsibility of leaders and getting finance sense and taking decisions with an understanding of financial implications are critical for leaders. As competition and customers put pressure on margins and environment makes future uncertain, managers need to always look for containing cost and acquire flexibility.

Programme Directors

Chetan Subramanian

Professor Chetan Subramanian is RBI Chair Professor of Economics and joined IIM Bangalore as an Associate Professor in the Economics Area in May 2010. Prior to joining IIM Bangalore, he was a faculty member at the University Of Buffalo, New York (SUNY). His research interests lie in the areas of monetary economics, financial markets and development economics and his work has appeared in leading journals such as the Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Economic theory, Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic Development and Cultural Change. Professor Subramanian currently teaches International Macroeconomics to MBA students and Advanced Macroeconomics to doctoral students. He has also conducted executive education programmes for leading companies such as Mckinsey, L&T, TCS, HSBC, HDFC and KPMG.


Professor S Raghunath has been a Professor of Strategy for the past three decades and specializes in Digital Business Models & Strategic Leadership. He has researched these topics, taught them to Post Graduate and Doctoral students and executives, and consulted with major Indian companies and Multinational Corporation. He also teaches Post Graduate and Doctoral courses in Alliance Management, Strategic Networks and Corporate Strategy. He also teaches Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management (PGPEM) an elective course on Digital Business Models and Strategies. Professor Raghunath is on the board of governors of ICFAI and the Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India. He was on the board of directors of Vijaya Bank, Canara Bank, KIOCL and Weir India. He is on the board of Directors of Spire Technologies, Skoruz Technologies and National Venture Capital Fund. He is a Registered Consultant with the Office of Project Services, UNDP, New York. Professor Raghunath is the Chairman for the South Asia Board of the Academy of International Business.

Target Audience

  • Mid-career professionals with potential for growth who have not had the benefit of formal B-School education. Graduates with a minimum of 5 years experience in Software/IT industry.
  • Technologists seeking to broaden their knowledge of business and move on to general management responsibilities as business heads.

Programme Schedule

Modules Days Start Date End Date # Programme Days
(full days)
Module-1 Mon-Fri 05-Feb-24 09-Feb-24 5 25
Fri-Sat 16-Feb-24 17-Feb-24 2 10
Fri-Sat 23-Feb-24 24-Feb-24 2 10
Break from 25-Feb to 31-Mar-24
Module-2 Mon-Fri 01-Apr-24 05-Apr-24 5 25
Fri-Sat 12-Apr-24 13-Apr-24 2 10
Fri-Sat 19-Apr-24 20-Apr-24 2 10
Break from 21-Apr to 2-Jun-24
Module-3 Mon-Fri 03-Jun-24 07-Jun-24 5 25
Fri-Sat 14-Jun-24 15-Jun-24 2 10
Fri-Sat 21-Jun-24 22-Jun-24 2 10
Break from 23-Jun to 4-Aug-24
Module-4 Mon-Fri 05-Aug-24 09-Aug-24 5 25
Fri-Sat 23-Aug-24 24-Aug-24 2 10
Fri-Sat 30-Aug-24 31-Aug-24 2 10
Break from 1-Sep to 20-Oct-24
Electives Mon-Fri 21-Oct-24 25-Oct-24 5 20

Programme Charges & Payment Schedule

Details Amount Due Date
Confirmation Fee INR 100,000 + GST On Confirmation
I Instalment Fee INR 1,55,000 + GST On or Before 25 Jan 2024
II Instalment Fee INR 1,97,500 + GST On or Before 25 Apr 2024
III Instalment Fee INR 1,97,500 + GST On or Before 25 Jul 2024

How To Apply for the Programme

Certificate Sample

GMITE Certificate
Note: Certificate image is for reference to potential participants only and may change at the discretion of Executive Education Programmes Office

Contact Us

Ms. Aditi Chaturvedi
Landline No.: +91-80-26993380
Mobile No. +91-89512 81611
Email: aditi.chaturvedi@iimb.ac.in

Award of Certificate

A part time programme certificate of completion will be awarded by IIMB to participants upon successful completion of the programme and satisfying programme requirements.

IIMB EEP Alumni Membership

The participants become IIMB EEP alumni on successful completion of the programme and thereby gain access to the alumni network across various industry sectors.


  • My introduction to the program occurred via online research and recommendations from senior colleagues within my industry. As I delved into the program’s curriculum and absorbed insights from previous participants’ reviews, I was convinced that this program was the perfect fit for my career aspirations.

    My learning journey throughout the program was nothing short of transformative. From day one, I was impressed by the program’s structure and the selection of the content. Each module was carefully crafted to build upon the previous one, creating a seamless learning experience. The professor’s expertise and dedication to teaching were evident in every lecture and discussion, making even the most complex topics accessible and engaging.

    One of the highlights of my learning journey was the practical application of knowledge. The program incorporated real-world case studies, group projects, and simulations that challenged me to apply the concepts I had learned. As I look forward to the future, I can see numerous ways in which I will benefit from this program. Firstly, I am confident that the knowledge and skills I have gained will significantly enhance my performance in my current role. I have already started applying strategic thinking and effective leadership skills to improve team dynamics and productivity. Moreover, I believe that this program has equipped me with the tools to take on greater leadership responsibilities and advance my career.

    Ekta Bharti , GMITE 17
    Senior Developer, SAP Labs (Bangalore
  • My introduction to this program came through a friend’s recommendation. The General Management Programme for IT Executives has undeniably been a pivotal force in my professional journey. It not only imparted a wealth of knowledge and crucial skills but also nurtured a newfound sense of confidence in my role as an IT executive. Consequently, I find myself better prepared than ever to excel in my responsibilities and significantly contribute to my organization’s success. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse this program to every IT professional aspiring to elevate their career to new heights.

    Sohini Hazra, GMITE 17
    COO, Gahan AI Private Limited (Bangalore)
  • After more than two decades in corporate world as a manager I felt there was a lacking in my journey as I never attended a management school.

    With COVID restrictions, the first few classes were online but despite being online it was an experience to cherish. Making new friends, listening to different perspectives and every day see my long-standing beliefs break to make way for new ideas and learning was an amazing experience. The courses were designed keeping the need of the current IT managers in mind and every lecture was a massive infusion of new idea, thoughts and knowledge. Interaction with professors whether in-house or adjunct were such rich that we still cherish those conversations. The most exciting as well as horrifying moment was the tests. Tests were designed so aptly that only a thorough study can make you score a A. Many case studies with my fellow batchmates were enriching as got the opportunity to learn from each other’s strength. The campus, batchmates, professor and the course design together gave a wholistic experience which is multi-fold of value compared to the money invested.

    It is now more than nine months since attended the last class of GMITE, but the learning has just begun showing results. I am able to reach my top leadership and invite them for a learned conversation with my ideas and experience that I have gathered through my professional journey and knowledge from GMITE.  I have expanded my role beyond a people manager to involve in Product management, Sales and Finance, which would not have been possible without the practical understanding of these subjects. Prior to GMITE I was owning few development teams, but today I own business of one product along with the teams and looking forward to making it the best.  The other benefit I got through my course is that I am now Vice President Public Relations for IIMB Orators Club which is the Alumni only Toastmasters Club. I see the value and benefits of being part of the dignified IIM Bangalore Alumni.

    Shakti Bagchi, GMITE 16
    Senior Development Manager, Allscripts India Pvt Ltd (Bangalore)
  • I wanted to upskill myself to take-up higher role & responsibility at my organization. I was looking for the best degree that suited my needs at reputed institutes. I learned about GMITE from the HR at my work, and when I enquired few friends and co-workers who had taken the course in past batches, they gave me extremely positive feedback.

    It was an incredible learning experience throughout the year during my course at IIM Bangalore. I was very anxious and nervous to go back to school after 20 years, but my perspective has changed after attending few days of classes. I was astounded by the Professors’ ability to break down difficult concepts into simple ones and apply them to real-world situations. The case studies made it easier for me to see how and where I might use the topic at my work. Learning organizational strategy, financial management, business analytics, and economics was quite enjoyable for me. It was wonderful experience to learn from world-class and highly reputed Professors with so much of humbleness at IIM Bangalore.

    I was delighted to witness each professor engaging students in conversation and ensuring everyone understood the concepts. The group assignments, tests, and presentations were always enjoyable, and they have aided in understanding the breadth and depth of the subject and its relevance. Beautiful campus, well organised & kind department staff has enhanced the great learning experience.

    I am really happy with the knowledge and skills I learned during the course. I can clearly see the difference in the way of thinking, ability to understand broader perspective and creating value on the work. Within a year of completing the course, I was elevated to Director level at my organization, completing this program was key to build the confidence in me also to gain trust of my leadership team in expanding my responsibility.

    This program has strengthened my desire to do something new on my own, I am looking forward to venture on that soon.

    Nityanand Gaonkar, GMITE 16
    Director, Software Engineering, Xperi Corporation

Top-notch faculty, contemporary content, a great learning environment, and application orientation make the IIMB Exec Ed programmes world-class.