Independent Directors Certificate Programme (IDCP Batch 4)

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Start Date : 26 July 2024
End Date : 25 Jan 2025
Early Decision: 13 May 2024
Regular Decision: 17 June 2024

 Rs. 4,50,000/-
(Non-residential, Excluding GST)

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Independent Director Certificate Programme

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The Independent Directors Certificate Programme informs how a real world of corporate governance works and the current and emerging role of an Independent Director. It will offer a clear perspective on corporate governance and conceptual models for investigating Independent Director roles and behaviour, based on both practical insights and academic understanding.

The course examines the development of corporate governance providing an integrated perspective on company law, regulatory practice, and company management and direction, in the context of contemporary corporate governance policy and structures.

The course will offer a range of examples and case studies, both recent and historical, to compare explanations of governance behaviour and effective outcomes.

Programme Objectives:

  • To enable Independent Directors to gain knowledge and practical insights on their role, accountability, responsibility, as well as a critical view of governance, law and regulation.
  • To enable Researchers in the field of Corporate Governance to understand the evolution of conceptual models and to help them to meaningfully participate in informed debates between theorists and practitioners.

Key Benefits:

  • Perspective on real world of corporate governance and the current and emerging role of an Independent Director
  • Practitioners connect and Integrated view on company law, regulatory practice and company management
  • Financial Acumen for Independent Director
  • IIMB EEP Alumni Membership after successful completion of the programme

Programme Directors


Dr. S Raghunath has been Professor of Strategy  at IIM Bangalore and the Chairperson of the Centre For Corporate Governance at IIM Bangalore. His work has focused on themes in corporate governance, such as differing roles  of company boards, strategic decisions and execution oversight, contribution of independent directors and  the implications of cyber security and risk management for board members.

He is a certified  trainer in corporate governance by the Global Corporate Governance Forum, sponsored under the aegis of the World Bank and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and administered by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Washington. He has been offering the Company Directors Programme on Board Best Practices at IIM Bangalore for the past fifteen years.

Anil Suraj

Dr. Anil B Suraj is Associate Professor of Practice Centre for Public Policy and Chairperson, Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management. He is a member of the advisory council of the Centre For Corporate Governance and Citizenship at IIMB and is also the Chairperson, Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

He delivers core courses on – Public Administration and Law for the Doctoral students, and Business Law for the MBA Programme, and for the Executive Management Programmes.

Target Audience

  • Independent Directors
  • Aspirants to become Independent Directors
  • Researchers in the field of Corporate Governance
  • Non-Executive Directors

Programme Content

1) Corporate Governance and Stewardship
● Board structure and composition
● Decision making processes
● Sub-Committees

2) Role of Executive Directors and Independent Directors
● Macroeconomic perspective
● Fiduciary levels of responsibilities
● Managing Stakeholder expectations
● Leadership skills

3) Director accountability and responsibility
● Ownership and Control
● Conflict of Interest
● Reputation and Values

4) Strategy and Performance
● Creating value through collaborations
● Evaluation of key indicators

5) Managing Risk, Internal Control and Assurance
● Audits and Fraud prevention
● Whistleblowing 
● Enterprise Risk Management

6) Due Diligence, Information, Communication and Disclosures
● Regulatory & Compliance requirements
● Information management

7) Financial Acumen for Directors
● Basics of Finance
● Documentation and Reporting

8) Corporate Excellence through Governance
● Effective Management and Board Governance
● Independent leadership and Integrity

9) Corporate Law: Trends and Reforms in India
● Current enforcement framework
● Regulatory foresight

10) Responsible Business
● Culture and Sustainability
● Responsible Reporting

11) Cyber Security and Risk Management
● Role of Directors
● Enabling capacity

Programme Schedule & Payment Schedule

Programme Schedule (tentative)
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Payment Schedule
Independent Directors Programme

How To Apply for the Programme

You are required to upload your Resume and Graduation Certificate in the online application portal.

For any queries related to the programme, please contact Ms. Mohsina Jabeen on Phone no. +91-80-28993563; +91-78999 91516 or Email ID at mohsina.eep@iimb.ac.in

Certificate Sample

A part time programme certificate of completion will be awarded by IIMB to participants upon successful completion of the programme and satisfying programme requirements.

Sample Certificate:
Independent Directors Programme Certificate
Note: Certificate image is for reference to potential participants only and may change at the discretion of Executive Education Programmes Office

Contact Us

Ms. Mohsina Jabeen
Landline No.: +91-80-26993563
Mobile No. +91-78999 91516
Email: mohsina.eep@iimb.ac.in

Award of Certificate

A part time programme certificate of completion will be awarded by IIMB to participants upon successful completion of the programme and satisfying programme requirements.

IIMB EEP Alumni Membership

The participants become IIMB EEP alumni on successful completion of the programme and thereby gain access to the alumni network across various industry sectors.


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