EEP hosts valedictory event for ‘Creating High Performance Organisations’ SDP

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IIMB’s Executive Education is pleased to conduct the valedictory event for its 5-day short-duration programme on ‘Creating High Performance Organisations’ (CPHO) on 22nd March 2024.

Creating High Performance Organisations - classroom session in progress
Classroom sessions on ‘Creating High Performance Organisations’ (CPHO)

The Programme Directors, Prof. Abhoy K Ojha and Prof. Krishna Kumar conferred the certificates and congratulated the participants for successfully completing the programme during the valedictory event. The participants shared many key takeaways from the programme, some of which are listed below:

  • Better stakeholder communication and management techniques
  • The mindset to inculcate a coaching culture to create high performance organisations
  • Improving self and societal awareness to optimise organisational processes that can have a high impact on society
  • Powerful frameworks such as the GROW model and the STOP technique, to improve personal and organisational effectiveness
  • Organisational design strategies to lead organisations sustainably

The Executive Education Department of IIMB is offering short-duration & long-duration programmes that will upskill working executives and empower them with the use of the latest technologies such as AI/ML tools, Business Analytics and Strategy planning along with the best Leadership & Management practices.

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