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Last week, EEP launched IGNITE, an initiative to bring people together to Stimulate, Engage and Inspire people through sharing knowledge and expertise. Ms. Shriti Tiwari, a Cloud strategy expert with nearly 18 years of experience under her belt in Information Technology consulting and delivering enterprise grade systems and solutions across various domains, was featured on the first episode of IGNITE’s Webinar series. She was in AMP-11 and currently works with Google as a Cloud Consulting Leader.

Ms. Tiwari spoke about Generative AI and how it could transform various industries such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Media, Entertainment and Manufacturing. ChatGPT is one example of such AI. From Machine learning to Prompt Engineering, Ms. Tiwari also elaborated on how Generative AI functions and is fine-tuned to produce results from data patterns without human direction. Additionally, Generative AI is set to impact up to 300 million jobs across various major economies due to automation. The freelance economy could also see major changes, specifically job profiles like Artists, Freelance Writers, Social media creators and software developers. 

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