Why a Programme on Public Policy Management might be the next step to your successful career

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Effective policies and efficient policy-making skills are one of the primary determinants of robust economies for our quickly developing modern world. Professionals require a contemporary and interdisciplinary approach to policy-making to work beyond conventional approaches.

Firstly, professionals, including those in start-ups social enterprises, organizations that can be classified and developmental oriented or non governmental, need to understand the symbiotic relationship that organizations have with the government and the how they fit into the big picture of the State and Market nexus.

Secondly, it is imperative to understand this through a broad perspective and developing additional skill sets beyond what is often taught in business programs to effectively comprehend the function of the State in the spheres of welfare and regulation.

Thirdly, these perspectives mired with such nuances need to be brought into the organization’s context to create an ecosystem that doesn’t just lead to tolerance or sustainability but allows for the organization to thrive.

According to the Indian School of Public Policy, Public Policy courses are relavent in the field of Management. Program and operations managers can better manage and deal with the financial and HR policies in their organizations by taking a course in public policy. Additionally, it aids in the development of successful public policy plans. Managers in charge of aspects like program and operations are better equipped to deal with financial and HR related policies by taking a course in public policy. Additionally, employees that receive quality public policy training also gain soft skills including time management strategies, the ability to handle many projects, and the ability to maintain composure under pressure. 1

IIMB Executive Education created a Programme to aid professionals beyond the scope of regular business programmes through ‘General Management Programme in Public Policy (GMPPP)’. Acknowledging the importance of peer learning with participants from diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities, this Programme is includes case-study analysis, active discussions, role-playing scenarios and practical activities all the while networking with colleagues and other professionals.

The Programme focuses on the Ecosystem, Functional Knowledge and the ‘Big Picture’ and was designed to cover a wide range of topics from the grassroots level such as understanding statistical methods, quantitative analysis, behavioral approach to policy to understanding big picture areas like International Relations, Big Data, Business Law, People Management and Social Marketing.

It is designed for Mid-career professionals and management professionals with a minimum of 5 years experience and are working Government, Independent authorities, Judiciary and State owned enterprises seeking to broaden their knowledge in public policy and working with Banks, Infrastructure Companies, Corporates as well as those working with -Social Enterprises, Startups, Non Governmental Organisations, Developmental Organizations etc.

To learn more about GMPPP: https://t.ly/uRZkk

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