An image of an impeccable view of sunrise from an airport, signifying the growth of the Aviation and Aerospace industry
Tracing back the evolution of Aviation and Aerospace sector, we find that the ‘Wright flyer’ is one of the ground-breaking inventions that revolutionized travel & transport. As we look into the era of supersonic travel, the growth trajectory of the aviation and aerospace industry has been marked by remarkable leaps in technology, engineering prowess, human integrity and effective management. As per market research reports, the current market size of the...
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Creating High performance Organisations batch - 2 SDP group photo
IIMB’s Executive Education is pleased to conduct the valedictory event for its 5-day short-duration programme on ‘Creating High Performance Organisations’ (CPHO) on 22nd March 2024. Classroom sessions on ‘Creating High Performance Organisations’ (CPHO) Participants of CPHO programme attending classroom lectures Programme Directors (PDs) of the CPHO programme The Programme Directors, Prof. Abhoy K Ojha and Prof. Krishna Kumar conferred the certificates and congratulated the participants for successfully completing the programme...
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Business Analytics and Intelligence - IIMB EEP's long duration programme
In today’s hyper-connected business world, executives face a constant challenge of how to transform vast amounts of information into actionable insights for business growth. This is the point where Data Analysis (DA) & Business Intelligence (BI) becomes essential. DA & BI empowers executives with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate complexity, drive informed decision-making, and stay ahead in the digital age. Corporates and government entities have started maximizing the...
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International Women's Day indicative to promote Diversity & Inclusion
Women’s Day Celebrations at EEP aimed to enhance Diversity & Inclusion With Women’s Day celebrations underway at the IIMB campus, we get reminded of a genuine need for deeper reflection of diversity & inclusion in our workplace. The celebrations intend to bring out the importance of acknowledging and valuing the contribution of women to be at par with men. The International Women’s Day was heartily cherished and celebrated at IIMB...
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Data Science and AI programme participants group photo
EEP unveils 2nd batch of DSAI programme In a world increasingly shaped by data and driven by artificial intelligence, the intersection of these two realms opens doors to unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Data Science and AI, is the space where raw information is transformed into actionable insights, and machines learn to mimic human intelligence. As industries across the globe harness the power of data-driven decision-making and automation, the demand for...
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